Sunday , June 20 2021

Tumblr disappeared from the App Store to spread pornography

Tumblrova iOS app is not available at App Store since November 16th. The exact reason for removing the application was not explained in the beginning. Listed only on behalf of the company, "They're working on solving iOS app problems".

It is later known that Apple has removed the application for spreading child pornographic material on the platform. In a statement, Yahoo's proprietary social media confirmed the claim – News Technology Site Verge

Tumblrova's statement says, "When a picture is uploaded to a platform, children are sexually assaulted with a database of disturbing material, and disturbing images are filtered, images are considered to be avoided due to lack of data in the database."

On behalf of the organization, images were removed immediately. But the app did not return to the App Store.

Tumblr is already in the Play Store for Android users.

Adult content has a green signal in Tumblr. That is why the application was terminated in Indonesia earlier.

The issue of child pornography is completely different. The Apple iOS rule clearly states that these components have to be filtered. Tumblr could not keep this standard.

Tumblr works to bring the application back to the application store as quickly as possible. However, there is no specific date for this.

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