Monday , April 19 2021

Two brothers bought a gun after they planned to kill mother-father-sister-grandmother!

Two brothers from Bangladesh are believed to have committed suicide after killing their mother, father, sister and grandmother, police said in the case of the killing of six Bangladeshis from the same family from a house in Allen, Texas, USA.

Two brothers committed suicide by killing all family members at some point on Saturday. After planning to kill everyone in the family, the brother recently bought a gun, local police told KXAS-TV (NBC5). Dallas Morning News.

Sergeant John Felty, a local police officer investigating the incident, said: “It is believed that two brothers in the family agreed to commit suicide and decided to take their entire family with them (before the murder).”

Police found the bodies of six people in a home in the Pine Bluff Drive area of ​​Allen, a Dallas suburb, Sunday around 1 p.m.

The deceased were identified as 19-year-old twin brothers Farhan Touhid and Farbin Touhid, older brother Tanvir Touhid (21), mother Irene Islam (57), father Touhidul Islam (54) and grandmother of grandmother Tanvir Touhid Altafunnes (6).

Shaon Ahsan, a local, said he had known the family for about 11 years and had been with Touhidul Islam.

Ahsan said Touhidul is ‘proud’ to have three children.

Ahmed Hossain, another from Bangladesh, said the family was originally from New York but moved here seven or eight years ago.

Allen police say two brothers appear to have committed suicide after killing four people. At first it was thought that they did it to get rid of depression.

Police say Farhan Touhid posted a long ‘suicide message’ on Instagram before the incident. “I killed myself and my family,” he wrote.

Farhan also writes about how he has struggled with mental depression since ninth grade. Her older brother also struggled with depression.

Farhan wrote in an Instagram post last February that his brother said, “If we fail to fix everything in a year, we will kill ourselves and our families.”

The family will be ashamed if they commit suicide. So the suicide mentions murder to save themselves from shame and suffering, U.S. media quoted police as saying.

A suicide plot is also mentioned in the suicide.

Police said the two brothers left a ‘suicidal message’. From this note, they seem to have suffered from depression. The suicide bomber states that two brothers killed themselves and chose the path of suicide to save the family from shame and suffering.

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