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Uncertainty is visited by NCL BPL, India

The National Cricket League (NCL) has already joined the big stars of the country and cricket fans are excited about the upcoming visit of the national team to India. But all of a sudden, it became an accident. National cricketers are protesting against the Bangladesh Cricket Board. Almost everyone, including Shakib-Tamim-Mushfiq, has joined the demand for a pay raise. They also threatened to boycott all kinds of cricket if they did not require it. The second round of the National Cricket League is the first round of domestic cricket in the country. The third round was scheduled to begin on October 27. National cricketers played in four different venues of the country. The Bangladesh team is scheduled to perform in the first Twenty20 next November on an upcoming India tour. The preparatory camp for the India tour is set to begin on October 27. The BPL is scheduled to hit the scene in December. But so far everything is uncertain. At yesterday's press conference, Test and T20 team captain Shakib Al Hasan clarified that players were boycotting domestic and international style cricket without demanding it. Shakib said: "The strike involves all the national team, first-class cricketers and it is in effect from today (yesterday)." First-class cricket, national team preparation, international cricket – all of them.
Everything must be resolved through negotiations. We will return to our normal course of action once the requirements are met. "However, Shakib said that since the World Cup has been under the U-4 squad, they have not been subjected to this blow. And women country guards can join them on strike if they wish.

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