Monday , May 17 2021

What did you say she saw the red card?

Costa finished the title of Atletica Photo: AFP

Atletico Madrid played for Barcelona against the Sutra. Spanish striker Diego Costa Diego left the pitch after 24 minutes. As a result, they fought against Messiah for less than an hour. But what did he do?

Yesterday's game was much more important for this season. Atletico won a table of points with Barcelona at the top of the table would be reduced, so the dream of winning La Liga this season has little survived, Simion-Grismanans would survive. But Harle becomes almost impossible because the difference will be 11. That fear of athlete was the second true, Barca won. And behind that victory, they have a good contribution from one player, Diego Costa. The Spanish attacker saw a red card at the start of the match.

But what did he say? What did you do in an important match, which is enough in the referee's eyes to show the red card straight in 28 minutes?

Barcelona's Arto Mello received a yellow card for going into a challenge studs first. He got the ball. But that was the second reason to get rid of the Moisture. The judge participated in contradiction with Jill Manz. At one stage, the judge sat on the spot showing a red card. Protesting this decision, the yellow card was seen at Atletico's two Uruguayan centers, Diegu Gaudin and José Himenzez. But is the only one trained to hear the red card?

That is exactly the case. The judge did not mention reciprocity. Kosta did the mother of the judge leave the unqualified language. Judge Jill Manzano mentioned in detail the details of the match. The judge said that he left the court in Kasti after anger. Zarda did not want to leave the field after seeing a red card. Looking at the judge, he would have said the opposite. After that, PK-Suarezar convinced Milan-Shujai to send the field outside of Kostaka. Within half an hour of the Casta game, dream of the Atletico League!

After the match, Athletic coach Diego Simeone showed that many players managed to solve the racket, the player was hit by Atletico's attack after the first half, I asked the referee what he said. Then she told me something I did not accept as I said. Earlier this was what the players could say. But whatever it is, that can not be the case.

If he is found guilty, he will not be able to take part in this season and will not be able to take part in this season. Eight games may be banned.

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