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Who is Bond Bond?

Sabbir Ahmed Nayan After the Rifat Sharif's murder in Barguni, the main question is the Bbira Ahmed alias, but Nayon Bond is the man he worked for. The complainant and the accused also have a list of groups and local police.

League Barguna Awami, leader of two groups, said: "Nayon Bond is not mine, his people." Actually, people of Nayan Bond, who have to look for a little more to find it. Before the election on December 30, there was much controversy over the appointment of the Awami League. On the one hand, current representative Dhirendra Debnath, on the other hand, his rival Delwar Hossain. In counter-attack and press conference, Barguna was named in national newspapers.

President of the Municipal Council and former Vice President of Awami League Delwar Hossain now says that Nayan Bond's son Dhirendre Debnath Shambhu and close associate of Awami leader Suman Debnath. That is why it maintains good relations with the local police. Local people also say that Nayon worked as a police source. There is also a question as to how a well-known drug dealer becomes a source of police. Not just Bargun, but also those who act as police sources throughout the country.

The nomination of one of the leaders of the Awami League district and deputy Dhirendra Debnath Shambhu denied charges against him, saying that his political opponent Rifat was trying to take over the political advantage of the murder. Nayan was never in our group. People accused of the Rifat murder They propagate to destroy my political life.

It should be noted that Riyadh, brother Nayan Bonda, and his brother Rishan Farazi, the sons of the Awami League leader, and the District Council Councilor Delwar Hossain Bhaira. According to local people and rival groups, they are also closely related to Delwar's followers and politicians.

But he said, "Although I'm a cousin, I have no contact with them for two years." They followed rival Dhiveendru Devnath Shambhu. "On television I said at a conference that Awami League leader on Saturday said he has to explain why there are so many kinds of conversations. He also wants punishment for killers.

Local people say that Nayan was with Awami's policy even when there was no board. He has been active in various Jubo League programs.

The president of the municipal council said Nayon worked as a police source. But the police do not accept it. They say that whenever they find accusations against Nayan, legal action has been taken.

What conclusions can we draw from this information and complaints? According to the famous Debnath, people of Nayon Bond Delwar According to Delwar, he is a people of honor. Police officers work as police sources.

Neutral investigations should be done to find out how much use Neta is used between these three sides and how much the patronage that Nayan has received from them. However, no matter who he was, he was afraid of ordinary and innocent people. The police now say action is being taken against it. But a few months ago when Nayan Bond was hanged in the fake case of Ayesha Siddik Rifata's wife, he worked for the sight. They sent an innocent boy to jail. There is no doubt about the incident that Nayana has done unknowingly.

Police have captured Cameron Isla Sayimun, the second accused of Rifat's murder, on Saturday of Patuakhali. He is a friend of Noah and the son of the district Awami district in Patuakhali Abdul Mannan district.

The reaction that followed the posting of & nbsp; Nayan Bond was created on Saturday after the post was published in & quot; Prothom Alo & # 39 ;, showed inability to avoid anger and pain as well as being does not prevent criminals. Many did not want to reveal the name of fear. He wrote: "The names are unkempt to publish." Many readers mention mention of their involvement, but terrorists and drug addicts in different places do not speak out of fear. Some people came to write about the involvement of local police and drug dependence. Here are some comments:

1. To protect this connection,., ..,. The Poor Mine began tensioning in the past life. Assassinations are valid if someone can prove it.
II. The land and the party never get any benefit protecting the criminals. When people get a good response, history tells them the same thing. But for some unknown reason, governments and parties repeatedly make the same mistake!
3. There are thousands of such bonds in the entire Bengal in the shelter of the ruling party.
4. Actually, drug policy and politics are all behind. And now nobody in the country can tell that there is no politician behind them, politics is at the root of all lies.
5. When people become junk & # 39; living creatures & # 39; in the state system, human conscience is also lost. We will be astonishing!
6. Most people who give comments here are reluctant to discover, we are afraid to stand on the Internet, no doubt we are standing on the street!
7. Anyone know, why do not you know?
8. We are very sad because of police work …
9. How to protect helpless girls like Ayeshe Siddike? For ordinary people, write about politics, community policy, economics, education policy, and how to change it.
10. This was caught in front of everyone because it was caught … But now, the eyes of the eyes are in the eyes of the lawn … law and order out of control …
11. Is responsible for Bangladesh's system, administration and judicial system. Because of their mistakes ordinary people have to pay their lives. How much longer will we wait for a beautiful and fearless life?
1. Sir, there are at least one in each. The story of their emergence and survival is identical. Where are we going? Who Will Protect the Earth?
13. Now, leaders, leaders of leaders, people in the country have become very unhappy. They have to contend with them, Awami League will have to take serious action in that regard.

There are many comments. Not just against all governmental or governmental groups, but also. Many have suggested that the Awami League sends out that party of terrorists and drug patrons immediately. But it is difficult to cure drugs when there is pain throughout the body.

Political parties are faced with a slogan about why politics has become politics and ideology. That is why Siraj Uddaul, leader of the leaders and madrasas in Jamaat, became the people of Awami League. That is why local Awami leaders were involved in Bahasa, along with "cars" who were criminals like Nayan Bond.

Sohrab Hasan, Joint Secretary and First Light Poet

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