Monday , June 14 2021

Yaba inside Khalma in Shahjalalu (with video) | Capital city

Yaba inside Khalma in Shahjalalu (with video)

The Armed Police Battalion (APBN) has retained 50 people, including Yajah, from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. The Yabaas was smuggled into a carousel in the trunk. Four people were detained at that time. They were detained around 15:30 when they crossed the green channel Shahjal International Airport.

The name is four names of Rubel, Jalal, Nahid and Sabbira Rubel's country house in the village of Lankarchar of Narail Sadar. He is Sahed Ali son of that village. Jalal and Nahid Sheikh's House in Cox Bazar In the initial interview with Sabbir Ahmed, Khulna said.

At Shahjalal Airport, APBN Police Adder Alamgir Hossain said it was news that at noon Yaba came from Cox's Bazar. Dhaka from Dhaka's Cox Bazaar arrived in Dhaka on Wednesday at noon. After we dropped, we would refuse the fact that if we wanted to find them, they must stay in Yabi. After we did, we searched for Rubel by the name of the pants. At that time, 21 underwear and 21 sleeves were found hidden inside the shoe. But if you see them, they're just like fluff. Later it is evident that they are not just a cartoon, a sham. They are fake and fake on paper. 50 of 50 50 Yaba has emerged from a 21-year fake date rescued from Rubel's profession. But the remaining three were taken to Uttar Hospital. It can have yabas in the stomach.

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