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Zazov Aziz is imprisoned in half an hour in prison

He was sent to prison on Thursday for bailing the bail to the owner of the Crescent Group, arrested in the Department of Detectives and Investigations for Customs Smuggling of 919 Million Millions. However, one of the trafficker traitors, the chief accused in the murder, MA Aziz, brother of Egg Multimedia, and none of the remaining 16 were arrested until yesterday. The ban on all immigration checkpoints in the country is betrayed because they can not leave the country. Detectives also keep an eye on it

Meanwhile, the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Services Board is preparing to initiate proceedings against Crescent Group for allegedly smuggling 400 million tk in a week from the 919 million behind trade. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) also follows a scandal involving Crescent Group. Many sources from ACC say they will also be prosecuted for ACC.

Those who are forbidden in the money laundering scandal in Crescent Group are: Cult Leader Products Limited and Cultant Tanneries Limited Director Sultan Begum (Moni), President of Remakes Footwear Limited Limited Senior Officer P) is. Abdullah Al Mamun, MD. Moniruzzaman, Md. Saiduzzaman, Chief Officer (suspended release) Mohammad Ruhul Amin, MD. Maghreb Ali, MD. Khairul Amin, AGM (suspensions) Ataur Rahman Vlada, DGM. Iqbal, AKM Asaduzzaman, Kazi Rice Uddin Ahmed, GM Mohammad Rezaul Karim, DMD Fakhrul Alam and the current DMD of Sonali Bank Limited Zakir Hossain (GM Janata Bank).

The Directorate General for Customs and Investigations (DG) said. Shahidul Islam said there are major complaints about money laundering in the moonlight. In addition, proof of 400 million behind smuggling came to us. Next week we'll make another case. He said that, in addition to those who tried to arrest the accused, he continues to be tried. It is forbidden to enter the country so that they can not escape abroad.

An emergency detective and investigator said about 14 o'clock. Anwar Hossain presented the MA Quader to the Dhaka CSM Court in the event of a 919 crore behind trade. In court, the police officer complained to the Accused that he would remain in prison until the investigation was completed, saying the investigation into the initial case investigation was true. If necessary, you may need to determine it later. The described case is a sensational case. So the accused must be arrested in prison.

A hearing on the bail request was held on Sunday on behalf of Kader 3. At that time, the accused lawyer, Abul Kalam Azad, said there was no such incident as money. Money comes from abroad, it will come. This is a process that is under way. The case was made for harassment. In the three institutions the accused works for about 15 thousand employees. If it fails to save the institutions, employees will also be unemployed. Employees must approve bail.

Chief State Attorney at Dhaki Abdullah Abu objected to the application of the bailout and said that 919 people were traded overseas on behalf of the export of goods. This is a criminal offense without a bail. The exemption of the accused should therefore be rejected. After hearing, Dhaka Metropolitan judge Mohammad Jashim refused a warrant and ordered the prison authorities to send him to jail.

Although two more lawsuits were filed against MA Quadera, they did not appear arrested in these cases. He was summoned to the headquarters of the Customs Administration and the Kakrail Investigation in the capital on Wednesday afternoon to investigate Banca Janata's money laundering incident. At one stage of the investigation, he was told to show his arrest. Later in the afternoon, 17 people, including MA Kadera, were charged with being charged in the Chawkbazar police station in the capital with three separate cases under the Money Laundering Act, the Detective and Customs Investigation Directorate.

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