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20 more indie games to watch in 2021

Obviously, one article with only twenty indie games to watch in 2021 was far from enough. We’re back with more amazing games that you can add to your Steam wish list.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Yes yes, we know that Super Meat Boy Forever has just been released in the Epic Game Store and on the Switch, but since its release was lost due to the holidays, we wanted to take the opportunity to point out that it will be available on PS4 / PS5 and Xbox One / Series in January! This Super Meat Boy in an endless format of runners contains an impressive 7000 levels. Totally crazy.
(link to his Steam page)

A mighty goose

After pushing the entire village to its limits in Untitled Goose Game, the Geese will continue their journey of destruction in Mighty Goose, a very tempting retro run and gun. It’s very “Contra meets Metal Slug,” and we love it.
(link to his Steam page)

Chicory: a colorful story

Collaboration between the creators of Celeste, Wandersong and Night in the Woods. All colors are gone! You come across a magic brush that will bring the village back to life, one by one. I had a chance to try out the demo at the Steam event and fell in love with the sympathetic atmosphere that reminds us of Animal Crossing. In fact, you will have to help each of the villagers solve each of their problems by exploring the environment. We can not wait!
(link to his Steam page)

Genesis Noir

Explore the history of the universe, from the big bang to the simple “burst” (the one from the gun that kills the love of your life), in this cosmic noir thriller. A point and click that seems to violate all conventions, both narrative and toy, with a sporty unique visual signature. Our expectations of Genesis Noir are immeasurable, but we are still confident that it will be able to meet them, and perhaps even exceed them. It is predicted to be a 2021 indie masterpiece.
(link to his Steam page)

Demons ate my neighbors!

Once again, Indians are here to revive lost franchises with spiritual consequences! Zombies Ate My Neighbors is unlikely to return: the studio was developed by LucasArts, Disney closed the studio during the 2013 takeover. Demons Ate My Neighbors is, you will understand, a 1993 sequel to running and weapons. like the Katana Zero VHS side. Reproduced in collaboration, it will be released next September.
(link to his Steam page)


We still know little about Stray, other than playing a cat trying to escape a cyberpunk city. It is enough now that we want to dive into this title with our eyes closed. It’s hard to say whether the trailer represents an opportunity to play in the third person or is it just a recording that explains the concept of the game to us.
(link to his Steam page)

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder / Flynn: Crimson Son

Who between G: SC and F: SC will win the award for the best action platform in pixel art in 2021? Could it have been Gesalt, with his lavish 32-bit steampunk art, or Flynn and his nonlinear research? Both will undoubtedly deserve their place alongside Owlboy, Eagle Island, Iconoclasts and other great games of the same kind that all too often go unnoticed.

(Steam page G: SC and F: SC)


Looking at the sets full of details of this “Diablo 2077”, we immediately understand why it will be exclusive on the new generation of the console. It’s a delicious isometric cyberpunk action-RPG we’ve always dreamed of. It will be available on Gamepass when it launches, so there’s no reason to miss it.
(link to his Steam page)

A great fraud

Nostalgia for the 80s lasts long enough. Now is the time for … nostalgia for the 90s! Big Con is an adventure game starring Ali, who tries to save his mother’s store from debt by accumulating $ 97,000 at the mall. Stylish and fun, we can’t wait to give it a try.
(link to his Steam page)


We’re not going to lie, the visual style of this title piqued our curiosity. A role-playing game based on a move that takes place in a book of medieval engravings, we have never seen this before. With the added humor of Monty Python-esque, we can’t wait for the release we’re hoping for in 2021!
(link to his Steam page)

Wrestling in Retromania

The official sequel to WWF Wrestlefest, an arcade game released in 1991, Retromania is a return home for professional wrestling games. Starring with many indie stage stars and former fame, this arcade game may appeal to nostalgic wrestling fans. Released February 26th.
(link to his Steam page)


What could be better than a good old shmup? It’s obvious: a shmup in which you control a corgi! With his big round spirits and very cute hero, Protocorgi seems to fit into the decent line of Cute ’em up. Follow! (Demo available on Steam)
(link to his Steam page)

Windmills 2

The original Windjammers, released at the 1994 arcade games, is a cult game for a reason: this title mixes frisbee and table hockey in a frantic action reminiscent of a Street Fighter fighting game.

Over 25 years later, DotEmu (Streets of Rage 4, Wonder Boy: Dragon Trap) promises us a sequel that will keep the spirit of the original by adding simply stunning hand-drawn graphics.
(link to his Steam page)

Young souls

Jenn and Tristan are two teenagers who were abandoned by their parents and found themselves under the auspices of a mad scientist. These adolescents struggling to find their place in society discover a portal that leads to a dimension full of beings threatening to invade Earth. They will risk their lives to defend this world that rejects them, in this game that mixes Beat ’em up and RPG.

Plus, it’s visually stunning.
(link to his Steam page)


Get ready, because the next 5 games are themed on the “journey”, it seems a big trend for 2021. But we are not disappointed, because we can’t wait to explore these peaceful universes and discover their scenario, one scene at a time. The season will take us on a bicycle, equipped with a camera and a tape recorder, to document the past through its ruins. You really feel the power of next generation consoles with this stunning graphics.
(link to his Steam page)

Forever before

Same principle, but here we play an older character, something we rarely see in games (too often inhabited by young naive and amazed characters). Therefore, it is his own story that will be presented in the narrative progression of Forever Ago.
(link to his Steam page)


From the first trailer you can tell that Dustborn knew exactly what he meant. A heterogeneous set of individuals that society has rejected all because of their difference will become a family that breaks taboos, one by one. Words are your weapon against misinformation. Timely play.
(link to his Steam page)

Route 96

“Hitchhiking” is another type of Travel. Route 96 precisely explores the sense of insecurity that comes with choosing whether to go with strangers who pick you up on the side of the road. Should we be careful about appearing? A game with a multitude of endings in which every decision matters.
(link to his Steam page)

Open roads

The open roads, from the Fullbright Games (known for Gone Home and Tacoma) will be the adventure of a mother and daughter who are searching for family treasures through the various places left by their ancestors. There’s also the little Edith Finch side, where every family member is likely to have an interesting story.
(link to his Steam page)


A difficult year to fast. Let’s take the opportunity to appreciate (and romanticize) their work in this narrative adventure game that puts you in the place of a postman from a small village in the ’80s. Meeting the residents one by one and listening to their stories seems to be deeply relaxing. Follow!
(link to his Steam page)

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