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2019 elections: PTB does not want "CO2 tax, but CEO tax"


PTB on Thursday presented its ten climatic proposals that will defend itself in federal, regional and European elections next May.

According to President Peter Mertens, the ambition is to combine the struggle against climate change and purchasing power. "We do not want a CO2 tax, but a CEO tax," he told a press conference.

The proposals put forward by PTB aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2030 and be completely neutral by 2050, with savings of 50% and 100% of energy savings. produced renewable energy.

To achieve this, the Marxist Party proposes to renew the skills of climate, energy and mobility that would be in the hands of a minister.

To reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, PTB offers an "insulation master plan" for buildings. For low-income individuals, work will be financed through a third-party payment mechanism. For public buildings and public housing, PTB aims at climate neutrality by 2030.

As for mobility, the party wants to significantly increase investment in favor of the railroad to provide a frequency of four train per hour between major cities and peripheral lines. PTB also offers free transportation to Stib and De Lijn networks as well as free train travel.

To finance these measures, the party is committed to creating a climate of public investment banks. This institution would invest 5 billion euros each year in isolation, mobility or renewable energy sources. This bank would have to pay more than EUR 2 million in tax on heritage. The party, however, refuses to introduce carbon tax, which is considered antisocial, and is committed to reducing VAT on electricity from 21% to 6%.

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