Tuesday , May 18 2021

5 items, weapons and leather that had been spilled, but they have not been released yet

Leaks are a common occurrence at Epic Games Royal Battle. However, even if we regularly watch new content, mostly thanks to the smaller data, we do not know when this content will be available.

So several elements, such as weapons, skins, worms, or simple items, have come in, but we still have not been able to officially see them in the game.

Items that came in, but they were never added to Fortnite

1 – Mini-Uzi


The Uzi who went through the 7th season.

When v7.10 was updated, miners found this automatic rifle in game files, similar to Mini-Uzi, unfortunately never seen in Battle Royale mode.

However, you can still try out the weapon if you have a storage mode in the world where it is available.

2 – Heavy pedestrian rifle

Improved version of a pedestrian rifle that never came out.

After the release of the Infantry Rifle, which the fans called M1 Garand, at the end of season 7, an improved version of this weapon was found in game files.

Still, despite videos, sounds, and gunshots, we could never put our hands on it.

3 – Choosing the founder

It has recently been removed from the file

Epic promised to customers who bought the game Save the World to get cosmetics. They were available during the update v5.10, but the droplet that was running never came out.

Since then it has been discovered that the spike went from the game code to v8.2 update, suggesting that it can never be obtained.

4 – The Way of the Weapons


After Fortnite Battle Royale, the Fortnite Gun Game?

Several smaller data was found some time ago in the Seventh Season, traces that indicate that a well-known way, a Gun Game, or a weapon game, can come to Fortna.

However, whether in game mode or temporary mode, there is no sign of a game of arms.

5 – Carrots


New consumables?

There are currently several supplies available at Fortnite, the first of which are mushrooms and apples. Carrots could be one of those consumables.

Recently discovered, carrots are still not available in the game, but with the approach of the Pasha things can change. We hope to see these items, weapons and skin coming soon to Fortnie, though it seems complicated for some.

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