Monday , April 19 2021

8 elements that Call of Duty 2021 needs to convince

The Cold War Black Ops gave Call of Duty veterans a lot of memorable moments thanks to its intriguing campaign and different dynamic modes of operation, unfortunately certain elements quickly darkened the picture, blows that players wouldn’t want to see coming into Call of Duty 2021.

It’s always good to live in the present moment, but there are times when you need to start looking to the future. Soon, the next Call of Duty will be in the spotlight, and players hope it will live up to their expectations.

After all, the Cold War is appealing in many ways, but various improvements must always be made. Improvements that many players are waiting for in Call of Duty 2021.

1. Campaign worthy of a name

We can imagine that Black Ops 4 mistakes won’t happen again, at least not any time soon, but nonetheless, players need the next Call of Duty to stay true to their roots with the most interesting campaign.


A compelling campaign can make a difference

The various titles in the franchise should always remain true to their identity. Bell and Adler’s exploits in the Black Ops Cold War were a fun move, but the players want a lot more.

2. Maps made for sniper rifles

Black Ops Cold War has put some terrifyingly accurate rifles in the hands of players, but unfortunately there are few cards that can truly unleash their potential.

We will not lie, but in the end it is extremely rare to succumb to sniper rifle shots. Unfortunately for fans of precision, it seems that the developers left them on the road. A mistake that many would like to correct in Call of Duty 2021.

3. More content available at launch

Instead of agreeing with a large amount of content, Modern Warfare over its lifetime focused more on the regular arrival of new maps and new game modes.

This philosophy was also adopted by Black Ops Cold War, unfortunately this approach is far from unanimous. In fact, missing the elements that interest them from the beginning, many players eventually get bored and throw in the towel.

4. Developers are more attentive to players

This has been seen with the Cold War and Warzone, often players feel like they are not being listened to. Whether faced with pervasive cheats or bugs, many feel that their developers should not notice their objections.

A frustrating mistake in the Cold War allows players to hide under the map

Bugs appear regularly in the daily lives of players

Of course, developers regularly talk on Reddit and on social media, but that’s not always enough. More regular, comprehensive feedback would likely make players better understood.

5. No more zombies and contagion

Without the ability to count on a small Spec Ops mode like in Modern Warfare 2, the presence of zombies in Call of Duty 2021, many players would look on favorably.

One of the highlights of the Cold War Black Ops is undoubtedly the addition of a way of contagion in season 2. If developers could develop it a little further, introduce more tasks, more abilities, then the way could become the highlight of this new opus.

6. World War Zone 2?

The arrival of Warzone drastically changed the franchise and gave its indescribable success forever. But if the rumors of a new title aimed at World War II are true, the arrival of a new battlefield with this theme in battle will not be inevitable.

The Warzone map associated with Call of Duty 2021 could not arrive until 2022

Warzone players are really looking forward to the new Call of Duty 2021 card

Changing the landscape could be absolutely fascinating by setting up ruined buildings that allowed for new approaches.

7. More hardcore ways

Hardcore variant developers don’t seem to appreciate it as much as many gamers like to walk with a sharp razor, knowing that even the slightest mistake will cost money.

Indeed, Hardpoint, Gunfight, Fireteam and many others are missing in the Hardcore list options on Black Ops Cold War. There’s no reason hardcore gamers can’t handle the next CoD.

8. League mode from the start

The league mode was long overdue in the Cold War and was clearly not to the liking of many players who felt it should have been introduced at launch.

Players already have a good idea of ​​what they want to see in Call of Duty 2021, it remains to be seen if Sledgehammer Games will be on the same page.

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