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A threat strike over the airport in Brussels


Trade unions Swissporta threatened with strike on Monday.

If the administration of Swissporta at Brussels Airport does not present a concrete plan for the staff on Monday, the unions are threatening to strike. "From Monday night we will be able to switch off from the APOC, the operational center of the airport", says Fouad Bougrine of CGSLB.

The APOC has various airline partners, such as baggage handling, airline companies and security services. It ensures that real people are sent to the right places. "It's the heart of the airport"says Fouad Bougrine from the Liberal Union.

According to him, thanks to the union's intervention, the strike could be avoided on Friday.

If there are no plans on the table at 15 o'clock this Monday, trade unions will request urgent conciliation. This meeting should be held no later than Monday evening or Tuesday morning. "But if employees are angry Monday afternoon, there is a risk that evening shifting at 22 o'clock will not start working."

Staff representatives condemn the shortage of staff and seek employment plans by Monday. According to unions, the situation is "Unsustainable". "In all departments, there is a question of inadequate staffing and at the beginning of the holiday season the workers are already exhausted. In January, the Union of the Common Front reported that the current level of staff will not be enough to spend the summer."

Recall, the trade unions of employees (ACV Puls, ACLVB and BBTK) and the management of Swissport, the airport in Brussels, gathered around the table on Friday, while staff representatives condemned the shortage of staff and therefore required a recruitment plan as soon as possible. However, they claim to be constructive to ensure that travelers are not punished. "The board has promised to increase the number for the next weekend, but no guarantees for the rest of the summer"

they explain.

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