Sunday , May 16 2021

All vehicles should be completely changed before the Fortune World Cup

It looks like a big change is expected on all Fortna's vehicles just before the World Cup.

The Fortune World Championship is a competition that every Fort Wayne Royale player is waiting for. Since its announcement, everyone is getting ready and the qualifications are fast approaching.

However, over the last few days, players complained about the developer's decisions regarding the event, especially the extended screen resolution that had been banned before qualifying.

The Fortune World Championship will start soon.

Vehicle changes

According to FortniteNews, it seems that Epic Games has not once listened to their community as an anonymous source who discovered that changes would be made before the vehicle.

The source explained that vehicle mechanics should be completely changed in future updating, changing the way they are used and controlled. This could completely change the outcome of the World Cup because the players will not get used to this goal.

But it comes entirely from anonymous sources, so nothing can be checked. Neither the changes that will be made, nor when they will be made, nor even if they will ultimately be done.

We just hope that it will not be done before the Fortune World Cup, in which case the already unhappy players should raise their voice regarding the choice of e-sports developers.

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