Friday , August 6 2021

Anderlecht: The date of Operation Trebel depends on Fenerbahce

when Hein Vanhaezebrouck said in the evening part of Loker last Thursday that Adrien Trebel would operate, demanding "
a real problem
The Frenchman was finally on a visit to Waasland / Beveren. Successful because captain des Mauves performed a very great performance in the middle field with a rounded goal.

However, although he played Sunday, the question of his operation remains of the utmost importance in Anderlecht. And while he is still looking for the best possible intervention, the date of that can be decided very quickly.

Although everything will be implemented to be a place this Thursday in Fernerbahçe (16:50 in Belgium), what should be the case, the outcome of the meeting will have an impact on the next few weeks of the event. a former standard player.

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