Tuesday , July 27 2021

Arnaud Dely is untouchable in Saint-Georges


European champion Duatlon's hope had a great success at the finish

Departure Côtes de Saint-Georges is always beautiful in the light of Warfusée Castle, especially under the sun! Soon, however, for tourism in this very hilly race I always see fit athletes win. That was again the case with Sunday with particularly sharp Arnaud Dely. Almost two minutes have passed Arnaud Renard, his challenger of the day.

"I'm still in my peak of fitness!"

, admits the recent European champions Duatlon's hope.
"I had a lot of rest after my title in Ibiza, and this race is a bit of a recovery, my course is good and I managed to move away from the start of the race, I kept my rhythm from end to end without turning. I have a meeting in March, but in May I will start serious things, with my world title and European title, there will probably be some pressure that will be more than leverage by additional motivation , call positive pressure! "

In a fair way, Arnaud Renard admitted that he could not do anything against his opponent's day.

"When I saw him at first, I knew he was going to be out of the crowd, very convenient and shows up." I went with him, but after just 500 meters I left Thanks to his good ride, I did the whole race, watching my rhythm clock. The course is not easy with ribbons and waterfalls, and many raise those who have always been injured. I especially measure my effort in relation to Patrick Philippe

(3rd, NdlR)
On the 5th km, I saw he was coming back to me and had to put gas to get him. I wanted to secure a second place, which is not so bad. In any case, great congratulations to the organizers: it was nickel! "

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