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around 100,000 people attended the festivities on July 21 in Brussels (photos + videos)

The parade began at around 16:00 on the Palace Square, in the presence of King Philip and other royal family representatives. This year many history tanks and vehicles from World War II were also present, which were also present in the streets of the city center on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of liberation.

As part of the ceremony in Brussels and in the streets of the center, 140 drummers "Kortrijk Drumt" play international hits every hour, from 10:00 to 20:00, at Mont des Arts. Each show takes 20 minutes. This is the first. The new folklore parade – made up of, among others, Dunkerque fishermen, male cheerleaders, Gilles, or fanfare from Meyboom and Ottignies – are also exploring rue de la Regence.

In the middle of the village of defense, interior, police and civilian security services, the Red Cross station, rue de la Régence, has an animation about the throne of the war crimes series series. raising awareness of the importance of international humanitarian law.

At Place Royale, the booth Bel-Europa offers fun activities that underline Belgium's role in European construction and the European Union's added value to the Belgian economy. There is a giant goose game, quiz and surprise.

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Military and Civil Parade for National Day and 75th Anniversary of Liberation

Who says the National Day, says military and civil parade. King Philip arrived about 16 o'clock on Sunday at the Place des Palais in Brussels at the sound of Brabançonne, interpreted by the royal guitar music. He was welcomed by the mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close, the police commissar in Brussels and several veterans and invalids of war. The 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belgium after the Second World War is at the center of this national holiday.

King Philippe welcomed the Presidents of the Council and Senate, Patrick Dewael and Sabine Laruelle, Prime Minister Charles Michael who resigned, Brussels Parliament Speaker Rachid Madrane, Karl-Heinz Lambertz, German Speaking, French Community Philippe Courard, Presidents of Brussels Bruxelles Rudi Vervoort, Walloon Willy Borsus, German Speaker Olivier Paasch and André Flahaut, representing the Federation of Valonia-Brussels.

King and Queen Mathilde, trained in Nathan's house, walked on a platform where Defense Ministers Didier Reynders and Interior Minister Pieter De Crem were waiting for them. The Belgian F-16 appeared in the sky, pulling national colors in the sunny sky.

The Royal Navy's music gave a tempo of parade, followed by various military corpses. Forty World War II veterans, the oldest of whom were 98 years old, settled in front of the honorary tribune, where the four royal couple's dolls were sitting, Princess Astrid and her husband Prince Lorenza. Prince Laurent and Princess Claire. King Filip then left the platform to handle these war heroes. The ruler had a small word for all, 75 years after the liberation of the country.

After veterans, 150 veterans (who participated in defense operations in the Korean War in 1950) from various military troops broke the sidewalk on Palace Square, followed by cadets. , the aerial and Belgian juniors' defenses of Liège, which was the first national parade. Employment is a major defense challenge, which hopes to attract many young people into their ranks. In the period from 2016 to 2026, half of the defense staff will indeed be withdrawn.

Police, customs, firefighters, civil protection, B-Fast and Red Cross took over a civil parade.

Finally, the European anthem and Brabançonne sounded against the Royal Palace to close this national parade, whose motto was "Together for the Freedom and Security of All".

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