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Being swinging would also boost adult nights

A woman in full sleep. Illustration. – Pouzet / Sipa

What's good for a child can be good for an adult. So shaken the quality and duration of the night improved, regardless of the age of the person. This is the result of a Swiss study published on January 24 in the journal Current Biology.

We already knew the benefits of swinging to fall asleep quickly. Researchers here also confirm that they tremble at the depth of sleep, night time, and memories of people.

More efficient memory

The experiment was conducted with 18 participants and was held over three nights. The first allowed participants to acclimatize. During the second, the participants were placed in a special bed that swung every 4 seconds to ten inches. Last night, the participants slept in a normal bed.

Analyzing the data collected by the sensors, researchers noticed that sleep was faster and better, that is, deeper and with less micro-waking, during the second. The same goes for the memory, which was more vivid and more effective when it woke up the second night.

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