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Belfort's Troy against Augsburg

Posted on April 7, 2019 at 16:47 by Ishak C.

As usual in the Hoffenheim attack, Ishak Belfodil today illustrated a hat-trick against Augsburg and included all four goals of his team to win 4-0.

In 6 minutes, Belfodil was kidnapped by a goalkeeper who opened Kramarić for his own.

The Algeria international has started his 61st festival when he received a nice service from his Demirbaya playmaker before putting an unstoppable head to the opposing goalkeeper.

A few minutes later, a player trained in Lyon scored his second goal when he enjoyed the good team's side to mark cold blood (74).

Belfodil scored a trick when he made a deep arch before overcame his defender at his speed and hit the left foot to hit the goalkeeper (82). The final score of the score is 0-4.

with 13 goals in Bundesliga he achieved the best result in one season and was in top 10 German league strikers this season where Lewandowski leads with 21 goals, followed by young Serbian Jovic, 17 goals and Spanish Paco Alcacer (16 goals).

Belfodil scored 9 goals in two months in the Bundesliga, with a hat-trick and two doubles, complicating Belmadi's calculations to fight to justify his non-convocation.

Pretty First Goal of Ishaka Belfodila:

Second Goal of the Appliances:

Belfodil's third goal:


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