Saturday , May 15 2021

Benito Raman shines in Dusseldorf and recalls returning to Belgium – All footsteps

Nine goals and three assists: Benito Raman achieves the best season of his career in the Bundesliga. "The new" Raman, the more mature, happened? "It has been more than a year and a half since I had done something bad … Anyway, to do that, it would be known in Belgium," she cried Het Nieuwsblad.

Because Ghent and Standardman complain about the way they treated him at home. "Some players have easier heads in the newspaper, I will never forget that the image I've created will never change," Raman says. "It's time to find another victim's pigeon."

Ghent or Beerschot

However, if he came back, two clubs would have wanted: "Beerschot or Ghent, even if I suspect Ivan De Witte and Michel Louwagie remind me one day," an attacker is laughing. "But Germany is ideal, Premier League is a dream, but you have to be tough, I need to take a few pounds."

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