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Between Pozuela and Genka, that's a total conflict!

Division 1A

Between Genka and Clown Alejandro Pozuela nothing is happening. Genk refuses to negotiate with FC Toront, who wants to transfer him for $ 8 million and offers him an annual salary of $ 4 million.

Agents Pozuela no longer want to negotiate with Genk. They will go to court if Genk does not release his player.

The dispute refers to the exit clause that is included in the contract of the player. After "no" Genka and Pozuela in Sarajevo's Al Ahli club in January, both sides agreed to freeze the clause by June. According to Genko, there was an oral agreement on this topic, which was confirmed by mail exchange. But no document has been signed. So the agents claim that Pozuelo did not promise.

They even think about calling for a law from & # 78; In order to unilaterally break his contract and force him to leave. Meanwhile, Pozuelo continues to appear in training.

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