Monday , March 1 2021

Braine-Alleud: Factors are intertwined

Walloon Brabant

85% of unsecured travel by spontaneous movement

Braine Alleys's factors belonging to the three traditional unions spontaneously stopped working on Tuesday at about 7 am. Revealing the amount of mail management, they felt it was not sustainable. They also suspected La Poste had foreseen a national strike notification that was being held on Wednesday, transferring the maximum mail from the distribution centers to distribution centers.

If the newspapers are normally distributed on Tuesday, and the zones are served first, there are still 85% of the Braine-l & Alleud tours that were not secured.

This of course affects the inhabitants of Braine-Alleud, but also Tubize, Waterloo and Braine-le-Château. With regard to the postal workers' strike that has been released nationally since this Wednesday, the post currently in the port at the Brainoise station is unlikely to be deployed to its recipients before the end of the week.

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