Thursday , May 6 2021

Breakdown of Proximus: company explanations


Proximus was hit by a nationwide slump last week on a fixed network between 15:30 and 18:15. The Operator and the Belgian Cyber ​​Security Center said it was a technical problem, not piracy.

"During a disturbance, it was temporarily impossible to make calls from the Proximus fixed line to the cellular number or to the number of other operators." Telephone traffic was also not possible in the other direction. As a result, Emergency Services 100, 101 and 112, using the Proximus fixed network, were only available from the Proximus fixed line, "Haroun Fenaux, Spokesperson Proximus, recalled.

Software problem

"A further technical analysis has shown that the cause of the incident is a software problem in the network equipment This software problem has led to network element failure linking the Fixed Proximus network with" Other networks – fixed and mobile, also explaining why calls between Fixed Proximus lines continue were possible, "the spokesperson added, before saying that" Proximus closely cooperates with a network equipment vendor to implement short-term software updates to address the root cause of the problem. "

The company claims that the situation is being followed so that the problem is not repeated.

A. Lord

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