Wednesday , January 20 2021

Charleroi: Thy-Marcinelle factory mistakenly pays more than 30,000 euros with its 230 workers (video)

The Thy-Marcinelle steel factory, a Charleroi-based factory, has mistakenly paid a 30,000-euro premium of 230 workers at the same time as their salary, RTBF and Sudinfo reported.

Several workers, who usually receive about 1,600 euros, passed Friday received more than 29,000 euros. This is an accounting error in paying premiums.

These extraordinary transfers made a letter to the workers concerned. Steelers, a subsidiary of the Italian Riva Group, have asked them to refund their money. A total of about EUR 7 million is allegedly paid to staff, according to RTBF.

According to Sudinfou, if some people realized that it was a mistake and did not touch too much money, others were spending some money, whether they went to the casino because they had debts and seizures that were automatically made in their bank accounts.

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