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Copa América: Peru leaves Uruguay for failure of Suarez


The feeling in Salvador! Copa America's most populous Uruguay came out on Saturday at the far end of the quarter-final elimination from Peru (0-0, 5 tabs to 4), sparking Luis Suarez's star.

The best goalkeeper in Celeste's history, with 58 goals, Suarez saw a Peruvian goalkeeper stopping his poorly adapted hit. It was the first session recording.

Everyone else was successful, and Flores did not beg to send Peru to the semifinals.

In the menu: "Clasico" Pacific against Chile, a rival who hated the double owner of the title. The match will be held on Wednesday in Porto Alegre, the day after the Titans' conflict between Brazil and Argentina.

In Salvador Uruguay dominated the game, had three goals for the offense, but could only blame itself, unable to shake the opponent still in the reach.

Shaken by winning 5-0 against Brazil in the last group match, Peru preferred not to reveal too much.

Uruguay fought to find space, even if Suarez did little to have his head in the center of Valverde (14th).

Celeste continued to rely on the talents of his stars: Suarez was infiltrated on the surface and served Cavania on the plateau, but Paris missed inevitably by sending the ball far beyond the naked he was alone at six meters.

Arrascaeta thought he had found a mistake (28th), but he was denied a goal in the offense.

In one of several Peruvian invasions in the Uruguayan area, Guerrero was himself naked but his ball was taken away with a clear attack from the flawless Gimenez (35).

After the break, Peru was more enthusiastic, leaving more space for Celeste.

At the center of the attacker, Godin's defender found himself in an ideal situation in the area, at Suarez's service, but the ball sent to the stand (57 & # 39;).

Cavani (58) and Suarez (72) had two more goals scored in the offense, and the qualification was penalized for the third time in four quarter finals.

Suarez has failed and Uruguay remains stuck in the 15 trophies in Copa America, one more than the Argentine Messiah, who still dreams of killing him.

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