Monday , November 30 2020

Coronavirus in France: about thirty people create a surreal “balloon” in Normandy

In Normandy, about thirty people created a surreal “balloon” far from the coronavirus pandemic.

Conflict with the old stones of the Norman manor, a naked silhouette appears from the moat. “Welcome to Havre de Perche“, launches” Ziggy Lou “” witch “. Here the masks and gestures of the barrier are gone: Covid-19 has given way to” art, poetry, love. “Like this fortune teller, they are a little thirty, which will be closed for three weeks in this a fortified building from the 16th century, lost in the middle of a grove and surrounded by typists.

In this sanctuary, far from a pandemic, the days turn to music, to the rhythm of dance, shamanism or drawing workshops. With three key words: “release”, “transcendence” and “ecstasy”. “We really wanted to create a kind of bubble, where we kind of forget about outside crap“, summarizes Louise Vallex, alias” Ziggy Lou “, 30 years old under a crown of flowers.

“Have fun as children while being responsible like adults”

In order to penetrate this parallel universe and this secret place, all participants presented a negative PCR test, at the request of the Perchépolis collective, which monitors this miniature event because it cannot organize its annual electro festival. Necessary proof that “social distancing” has been forgotten. “We bet we can say we can have fun like kids while being responsible like adults“, explains its artistic director Samy El Moudni, a crimson dress and mushroom earrings. Contacts with the outside of this atypical” summer camp “are limited to supplies.

No verdict“, here everyone is encouraged to”to be his best man“, with large reinforcements of biodegradable costumes and sequins. Enough to create the atmosphere of half” Rocky Horror Picture Show “half” Donkey Skin “: between the thick walls of the manor, a young naked child serves as a model for princesses in light dresses.

It’s a completely amazing closure“, loose Thomas Lasserre. Young Basques”bathe in happiness“, immersed in a jacuzzi where his happy guests sunbathe, after a” contact dance “workshop, where everyone learned to swing in a duet constantly leaning on their partner’s body.”Physical contact is still better than watching videos behind your screen“, continues this bachelor, for whom the pandemic, with its prison procession and curfew, has”elevated hugs to essential needs“.

At the age of 20, the student readily admits “to be lost” in front “a world in reversal“.”Suddenly, diving into a universe where experimentation is allowed, it seemed ideal for me to get to know myself better and cope in the midst of this chaos.

Maybe it’s a leak, but I didn’t want to live in a climate that causes anxietyMuse “Maya”, in a pink cloak embroidered with a dragon, while the government publicly worries about the risks of a second mental health blockade, a 27-year-old woman who wants to remain anonymous from other participants met by AFP – “watch the news less and less“.

Coworking room

The fortress, however, is far from disconnected. Under the artificial canopy of the coworking room, set on top of the tower, residents spend half a day developing websites, real estate projects, giving legal advice … Business, creativity: balance seems to stop the decay of time caused by a pandemic. Gone are the days of the first closure for Maxim, which were all similar: IT programmer “distinguish days“thanks to the art workshops that mark his evenings.

Tattoo artist Rose Bûcher harnesses the energy of remote workers to draw. “It makes me do some things, instead of spending my days sleeping alone“, confides this 29-year-old woman from Strasbourg.

Participants even glimpse their “a small utopia“inspiration for”world after“Chloe, 26, is already dreaming about.”move“his employment in the pharmaceutical sector outside Paris.”This experience comforts me in the idea that in the countryside one can feel less lonely than in a big city.

People still think life in the country is boring“, sourit Ziggy Lou.”But culture, you can create it yourself by moving a little.

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