Saturday , January 23 2021

Didier Deschamps surprised NRJ Music Awards 2018 (PHOTOS)


Net surfers prompted the unexpected presence of a French team coach at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

Shy & # 39; m, Maeva Coucke, Vianney, Eddy of Preta, … So many personalities that came this evening to the Red Carpet at the Cannes Palace of the Opera this evening for this new edition of the NRJ Music Awards. But this year the presence of a particular person caused a massive reaction to Internet users. Indeed, while the camera went through the set, the viewers were able to discover … Didier Deschamps.

If many are wondering why a French team coach was present in the room, many tweets have left their heart to answer their humorous questions.

Blues coach was, in any case, very happy to be there, especially at the time of Vegedream's passing, which interpreted his famous title, "Bring The Cup Home". What to do with proud Didier Deschamps who brought this cup home this summer.

M. R.

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