Wednesday , June 23 2021

Emmanuel Macron crashes on façade: "In France CRS does not attack students"

During the exchange with Belgian students, protestors expelled the President of the Republic on CRS intervention at universities in the spring. Answer them.

"Why are you whispering your disciples, why are you the only country that uses grenades against your own people?" While teaching Tuesday in front of students of Belgian premier Charles Michele in Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium), Emmanuel Macron was strongly questioned by a dozen protesters. Accompanied by a large inscription "Blood flows in your (French, governmental) hands, find out", they appeared before the president decides to respond, visibly irritated.

"So that did not work well"

When challenged, Emmanuel Macron likes to answer. Thereafter, an unemployed man who had to cross the street to find a job or this teenager who called him to call him "the president," the head of state wanted to redesign these protesters who came to him in Belgium. Very sarcastic, the president began with a short answer: "No, there you will say nothing!" Before you finish answering the other speaker.

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While the dissidents tried to put small papers in the entire room, Emmanuel Macron took them again, kidding, "Well, it did not work confetti." Before saying, "Do not put paperwork everywhere, because someone will pick them up and it will not be you." The mediator tried several times to get the protesters out. But Emmanuel Macron really wanted to talk to them.

"Students and students who did not attend robbed universities"

"In France, the CRS does not attack the students, he said in response to problems that have already been evacuated." Day and day, students and students who did not attend were robbed by universities, we have to stop nonsense. "And continue referring to those" anarchist groups have stopped learning too early "and blocking the campus.

"They did not have any violence," concluded Emmanuel Macron, on the contrary, many of our police forces were wounded, we will spend hundreds of thousands of euros on our universities to fix what they have done, which is truly unacceptable. destroy the university "In reality, the actual cost of blocking for French universities will be at least seven million euros.

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By the way, the president mentioned Twitter Twitter account of Guevarre, the well-known "dog Tolbiac", who immediately congratulated her on the social network.

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