Saturday , May 15 2021

Feeling at risk, Carlos Ghosna's wife escaped from Japan: "By the last second I did not know if I would let me go"


The wife of Carlos Ghosna left Japan after the new boss of Renaulta was arrested again because he felt "in danger," she told Journal du Dimanche (JDD), to try justice with some Japanese media. Japanese prosecutors wanted to ask Carole Ghosn's questions, on a voluntary basis, according to the NHK public channel, private television Asashi, and the Kyodo news agency, which allegedly diverted the amounts, condemned her husband. , they could go through a business led by Mrs. Ghosn.

Mr Ghosn, Renault's boss, Nissan and Mitsubishi, was arrested on Thursday morning in his home in Tokyo for new suspicions of financial misery, barely a month after being released with a bail.

Mrs Ghosn, who was present during the arrest, said she had returned to France despite taking away her Lebanese passport from the Japanese police using her second travel document, the US.

"The French ambassador followed me to the airport, he did not let me in the plane," she said. "By the last second I did not know if I would let me go, that was unrealistic."

She also said she "refused" to sign a Japanese warrant during her husband's arrest. "Then they wanted to take me with me and I refused to advise my attorney," Ghosn said.

Carole Ghosn also told JDD that her husband recorded a message to "identify those responsible for what is happening to her" and that it will be "soon".

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