Monday , July 15 2019
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Fuzija WahtsApp, Instagram and Messenger: Germany says no

At the end of January we learned that Mark Zuckerberg had the idea of ​​bringing some services to Facebook. This includes Messaging Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instragram.

WhatsApp messenger-Instagram

The idea of ​​reconciliation is to make Facebook page administrators easier to answer private messages and manage the larger communities more easily. But first of all, this comparison would pass much more personal data and thus offer more precise targeting to advertisers. That's about 2.6 billion users.

But for Germany there is no doubt that Facebook will allow it to cross over personal information again. The country has repeatedly opposed the American giants, including Facebook and its tendency to gather too much data without warning to users.

The Bundeskartellamt (German Competition Authority) has already banned Facebook to collect data on the relevant couriers in Facebook's profile. Obviously, this is not about sharing personal data collected from group messages and those obtained directly from the social network.

To be able to move to Europe with its new service, Facebook may have to offer an option for data collection or sharing. Because other European countries should follow the leading role of Germany on this issue.

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