Sunday , May 9 2021

Google Assistant offers more dynamic search results on Android

You will not only get a text wall. Google Assistant offers more dynamic search results on your smartphone.

The next time you ask a Google Assistant question, you will probably get more than a multitude of web links. Google launches an Android Assistant update that provides more (if not lively) information folders when you ask questions. Look for local events and you'll get linked image cards and tag buttons. Look for sweet cats, and in the meantime you will see pictures of beautiful breeds with the current ladder.

New and improved response styles for Google Assistant have been developed, including more visual and interactive elements. However, the update includes a change that is not an improvement: Depending on your query, the wizard can respond to ads similar to those you see in common Google searches.

A rich, feature-rich ad delivery feature talked about this topic, saying new results could "include the existing ads you'd see in Search Now". And of course, some responders, like the results for nearby hotels, are now returning site ads such as site reservations.

Google adds more interactive results and searches ads to your assistant

Other enhanced searches include stocks (you'll see inventory performance charts), financial calculators, color pickers, and even spirit levels. Searching around basic internet connections will also appear in an elegant, vertical format that is more appropriate for your phone.

It seems that Google has tested this approach in February when at least one user saw sponsored results in their assistant's responses. When asked about it, Google said, "We're always testing new ways to improve phone experience, but we have nothing specific about publishing. More ads do not necessarily look like experience enhancements but are subjective. touch the profile photo in the Wizard, then click "Submit Comment".

You should now see new results. It does not mention if iOS support might arrive, but that can only be a matter of time.

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