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Here is a list of available characters on July 21st

Like every holiday … and every Sunday, many stores close their doors. Still, despite this special day, some stores are open this Sunday, July 21st. And since it is not always easy to know which supermarkets and institutions are open today, you're okay.

As usual on public holidays or on Sundays, Bank will be closed as well as offices bpostSome Post Points will still be available in stores that will open their doors on this holiday. Because only these independent or franchise supermarkets can open during the day closed doors.

So if in stores Delhaize will be closed, the majority AD and proxy as well as some Shop & Go will be available this Sunday, especially in the morning. Brand offers to discover a list of open stores here.

The same principle cut where hypermarkets and supermarkets will remain closed. By contrast, most franchise stores Carrefour market or Carrefour Express, depending on the manager's wish, will allow you to buy this Sunday. Discover these exceptionally open stores at the sign site here
for Carrefour Market or here for Carrefour Express.

Great areas Colruyt will remain closed doors, just like the signs AlrightOn the other hand, certain stores spar it can be opened, according to the will of the manager, Schedules are available here, u Match and Corahypermarkets and supermarkets will be closed, but still will be closed shops that are usually open on Sundays. shops Aldi, Macro and Lidl will be closed, unlike Intermarché Contact and Super which could be open, according to the will of independent business people.

As for other big traders, trade Ikea will remain closed throughout the day. Shopping Centers Valloia and Brussels will also remain closed.

In the end, pharmacies It will also be closed as well as for every holiday / weekend. Therefore, it will be necessary to contact the pharmacist for a call if necessary.

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