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his cousins ​​express gratitude to the police and volunteers

Boy relatives from Overijse discussed Sunday with Australian journalists in Byron Bay after residents spent another day exploring and after meeting with Belgian police came this weekend to co-operate with Australian counterparts.

Laurent Hayez, Theov's father, expressed confidence in the police and recognized the quality of their work. He said he had not called for the help of three Belgian agents, assuring the authorities of both countries have been working together "from the beginning".

Two investigators from the Federal Judicial Police and one of Bayon Bay's missing persons "is a good thing to help the Australian police, it's easier to communicate," said Theo's cousin Lisa Hayez. – The more people there are, the better. (…) Working together, the Australian and Belgian police will speed things up, "she added, pointing out her gratitude to the Byron Bay community for their help.

Mr Hayez assured that support from Belgium and Byron Bay people allowed "to keep faith" and "stay strong".

Theo Hayez, 18, from Overijsea, travels to Australia since the end of 2018. Last time seen on May 31 in the coastal resort of Byron Bay (New South Wales, east coast), he had to return to Belgium early June.

Lisa Hayez described her cousin as "an incredible young man, really happy, friendly, always interested in everything and present for others".

She said that younger relatives did not plan the date of return to Belgium and were waiting to see things change.

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