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Huawei wants to persuade after the ban of Donald Trump: "Nothing has changed and nothing will change" … Really?


Alexis Carantonis


Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 12:42 PM

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 13:07


The purpose of the meeting this morning, at Huawei Cyber ​​Security Center in Brussels: to show a coup after Trumpa's administration was removed. And convince consumers in the market where Huawei hoped to steal the first place in Samsung: "nothing will change for current Huawei smartphone users." Good. But what about tomorrow's products?

"Will my Huwaei smartphone work in six months yet?", "Can I still use Google Maps or Gmail on it?", "I have to buy a new smartphone, but with everything that's heard, I counseled to take Huawei, yes "These three issues, among other things, go through the mouths of consumers and the ears of Huawe's cries, which is that the country of the Chinese giant smartphone (number 2 in the world, reminder) was severely shaken on May 19th: under the leadership of Donald Trump and at the height of the relationship US and China, the US government has put Huawei on a black list of companies that Americans should avoid trading. The first reason for this is Huawei is suspected of espionage.

The direct consequence, among other things: Google, the father of the Android operating system (OS) that launches 75% of the world's smartphones, has announced a ban on Huawei's license to use Android. Couac major, as despite the open sources of specificity of Android, it is a license to use which implies the deployment of essential Google applications in our digital ecosystem. Even shorter if Huawei no longer has the license to use Google, the Chinese brand is no longer allowed to exploit Goolge maps, YouTube, Gmail, … on its future smart phones. Even when it has expanded its activities as broadly as Huawei (a global group that is also one of the industry's leading network equipment manufacturers), it is the unbelievable power of the stomach (commercial).

Huawei sounds to the soldiers: Is everything OK, Miss Marquise?

A month after the bomb blast and so many mutisms in the Chinese brand, Huawei was ringing the media troupe. With the slogan: Trans-pawns. Huawei Consumer Huawei CEO Allen Yao and Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Belgium Hu Hu have been voicing this morning in Brussels, at the heart of the recently launched Huawei Cyber ​​Security & Transparency Center, located in the heart of Europe's district.


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