Thursday , May 6 2021

Ian Goodfellow hired a Google company from Apple

Accenture gets creative agency Droga5

The consultant sector is taking a step further in the creation world. Accenture Interactive announces the purchase of Droga5, an American multi-brand agency created in 2006 by David Droga, one of the world's largest advertising stars.

This transaction illustrates the ambition of Accenture to combine expertise in data, technology and creativity in its offer. "As we celebrated the tenth anniversary of Accenture Interactive, the Droga Association5 will be a milestone for us and the industry as we continue to build the right blend of skills needed for modern marketing," said Brian Whipple. , global executive director of Accenture Interactive.

Drugs5, employing more than 500 people, made sales in 2017 of about $ 200 million. Transaction amount not disclosed.

The Battle of AI Talent: Apple is exploiting Google's deception expert

In order to strengthen its teams for the development of artificial intelligence and to compensate, Apple is still attracted to Google's cadre: Ian Goodfellow, one of the most talented talents in this sector.

Previously worked for Google and Open AI, a laboratory founded by Elon Musk. He will now take over the role of the Machine Learning Director within the Apple Group for Special Projects. Goodfellow is known for his work on GAN, or generative contradictory networks, the concept used to create deep flakes.

In April, Apple has already deceived former Google AI leader John Giannandre, who became senior vice president in charge of machine learning and AI strategy. The Rat of Talents is furious in AI, a field that has become crucial to all technology players.

AI developer, e-sports player, pilot aircraft … New professions recognized by China

Chinese authorities have announced recognition of dozens of new jobs to "keep up with the economic and technological development" of the country.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has released a list of new professions, from professional e-sports players to AI specialists, Internet stuff, large data or clouds, via the driver. drones.

Membership in this list does not give any direct financial benefit, but suggests that this trade could benefit from increased Chinese government support, particularly in its job creation or vocational training policies. The publication shows, if necessary, the enormous ambitions of the Middle Kingdom in technology.

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