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"It's endless, it's inhumane torture," says his father Laurent (video)

The purpose of this cooperation is data exchange and joint assessment of the possibilities of research, according to this source. Australian police have said that the Belgian police are present as "observers".

Three police officers, two Hal-Vilvorde Federal Police investigators and one of the Missing Persons Cells also met with Thea Hayez in Byron Bay in the presence of the Australian police.

The father of a missing young man, who said there, said to RTL: "Every minute lasts an hour, as of May 31, said Laurent Hayez, his voice trembled. It has been a month since infinite, it is inhuman torture That's terrible. Let's take a step forward, two steps back. "

On Sunday, local volunteers continued their search for more than a month. There were tens of them. The afternoon will also meet with the Hayez family, who wants to thank their kindness and effort.

Theo Hayez (18), a native of Overijsea, traveled to Australia since the end of 2018. Last seen on May 31 at the Byron Bay (New South Wales, east coast) coast resort, he had to return to Belgium early June. Since then, the Australian police and volunteers have been tirelessly engaged in research.

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