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Lifting hearing aids reduces the risk of dementia

Better Listening to Prevent Dementia: This is a conclusion brought by a new study conducted by researchers from Exeter University in England and King's College London and presented at the International Conference of the University of Alzheimer's Association, Los Angeles Angeles.

Based on the extensive research conducted by Lancet's Diabetes, Intervention and Care Prevention Committee in recent years, the authors argue that hearing loss is an important risk factor for dementia. However, wearing a hearing aid could alleviate this risk by shielding the brain from cognitive decline.

Better results in memory and attention tests

Dementia is a neurodegenerative disease that is often mixed with Alzheimer's disease. It affects men as well as women and generally occurs between the ages of 50 and 60, characterized by language and behavior disorders and intellectual deterioration. This condition, referred to as "dementia" from a certain threshold of severity, is the consequence of progressive deterioration of certain parts of the brain. It also reduces the life expectancy of people who have it.

To assess the benefits of hearing aids on this progressive cognitive decline, researchers have hired 25,000 people aged 50 and over, divided into two groups and subjected to annual cognitive tests for two years.

It turned out that at the end of that period, a group equipped with hearing aids achieved better results in the work memory and attention estimates tests than those who did not have anything. In listening exercises, hearing-aided persons had a faster reaction time.

One-third of the risk reduction of dementia

"Previous research has shown that hearing loss is associated with brain function loss, memory, and increased risk of dementia." Our work is one of the most important studies to investigate the impact of hearing aids. Listening to the camera and suggesting that carrying the hearing aid can actually protect the brain, "says Dr. Anne Corbett, the author of the work. "We now need more research and clinical testing to test it and maybe integrate into policies that will help people stay healthy later in life."

According to his associate professor Clive Ballard of the University of Exeter Exercise Medicine, the risk of dementia could be reduced by one-third if early cognition decline. And hearing aids in an early stage of hearing loss can be considered a solution to prevent dementia risk. "At the very least, it will improve your hearing and can help you keep your brain in shape," he concludes.

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