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money, women, surplus, inheritance, … her two trusted men speak for the first time!

In your book, we learn that a lot of false things have been said about Johnny. Sacha Rhoul, his guardian angel, almost his shadow, who never left him from 1966 to 1983, had never spoken until then. Why now?

I’ve been trying to catch Johnny for a long time. I had already written books about him and I knew there was a legend Sacha Rhoul. This guy who lived almost 20 years 24 hours a day and who saw and heard it all. Except there are those who think they know Johnny and talk a lot about him and those who really know him very well and don’t talk about him. When I met Sach thanks to Jean Basselin, who also lived closer to Johnny but for a shorter time, he told me that he never wanted to evoke his memories because he is a “man”. shadow. ”At one point he told me that there was still some big shit in the books that came out about Johnny. I suggested he bring back the truth, his truth, and that it would also be a reminder for his children of his years with Johnny.

Is it all good to tell all the truth? Drawn portraits of Lee Halliday (Johnny’s surrogate father-in-law), Adeline, or even Laetice aren’t always free. Did you make sure you didn’t avoid lawsuits?

That was the hardest thing to do. Sacha told me things about Lee, he told me about people he had something to deal with. Jean told me a lot about Adeline. But everything they told me was too rigid. I still wanted to keep them. So we had a lawyer to read it to avoid a trial, especially with one person … I was a little disappointed because other “real” good truths could be told …

Here are 5 good truths to tell and rebuild …

Just one woman in Johnny’s life and she’s not the one you think!

For Sach Rhoul, who was hired by Johnny in 1966 at the birth of David, the only woman in the rocker’s life is Sylvie Vartan. “He lived it all with her. She was his wife, mistress and confidant. She is also – unlike Laeticia and others – an artist, a musician, who spoke the same language as him. And he respected her. When Laeticia says today that she is Johnny’s artistic director, that’s nice … “.

Laurent Lavige continues: “His love for Sylvie was an obsession. When Sylvie and Johnny broke up, Sacha was hell. He had an ulcer because Johnny wanted to kill himself, he was persistent, he was drowning in alcohol. After the first suicide attempt, he took Claude Pierre-Bloch’s weapon to kill himself. When things were wrong with Sylvie, Johnny would show up with all the women he could just to get Sylvie to notice. They were bottles in the sea. He was seductive — he rarely slept with women — but Sylvie saw only, talked only to her. And as soon as they got back, Johnny was back to normal. “

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Johnny Hallyday and his guardian angels. The truth was finally revealed by Laurent Lavige, Sacha Rhoul and Jean Basselin. (Casa izdanja)

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