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"Namur Capital of Beer and Terroir" hopes to attract 10,000 people


About 10,000 people are expected from Friday to Sunday for the 8th edition of "Namur Capital of Beer and Terroir," the organizers said on Thursday.

At this event will be presented 40 beers, which will be held again on the Citadel promenade. Through its 40 bakeries from across the country, the Namur meeting will allow you to taste nearly 200 beers. Scotland will also be honored with a renowned guest: the famous Scottish BrewDog Brewery, which will offer 21 different drinks.

"Thirty percent of the producers we welcome have never come," said Sebastien Legrain, one of the organizers. "It is also a pride to receive BrewDog and I think that our offer has never been so varied."

It is possible to try beer without gluten, alcohol, organic or vegan foods, while food will take samples of many local products.

As usual, the beer is specially prepared for the event. This time with the Bertinchamps Gembloux beer, the organizers decided to cooperate. It will exclusively offer B + Capital, a beer with high fermentation.

On the agenda are also conducted tastings, blind tasting competition, another of the best beer servers, and even the learning workshops to make beer cocktails.

To ensure the atmosphere, concerts are being planned, including Stellell, to be held on Saturday at 21:00.

Ticket price is 2 euros and 5 euros for those who want to arrive on Saturday night.

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