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NASA was hacked with a $ 35 mini-computer

Last year Haker infiltrated the computer network of our NASA, forcing the US space agency to temporarily disable control systems of space flight from the affected center.

The attack began in April 2018 and lasted for almost a year in the networks of the legendary Jet Propulsion (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif., NASA's chief inspector in a report released on August 18. June

The attacker used a $ 35 mini-computer called Raspberry Pi, a computer-sized credit card, and attached to a TV set. Children in developing countries mostly use it to learn to encode. Raspberry Pi was at that time connected without JPL approval. According to the report, about 500 megabytes of data were stolen.

The flight includes two confidential files including one containing the scientific information obtained from the rouge Curiosity located on Mars. Others referred to the data covered by the Export Control Act for technically exploitable technologies. "More important, the attacker managed to break into two of the three major JPL networks," the report said.

This error caused NASA to assume that the hacker would be able to move from central California to other centers in other parts of the country, including the Houston Space Center, where there is a control room for the International Space Station and flights. inhabited Americans.

Eventually, "Houston" turned off the JPL portal to avoid contamination. In March, the center was still not fully connected.

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