Friday , March 5 2021

NBA: Milwaukee corrects the Golden State, examines the injury


The Golden State had a bad night on Thursday: ruling the double NBA champion, thrown out of Milwaukee (134-111), admitted his first home defeat in the season and saw his leader Stephen Curry leave his teammates out of injury too soon.

Warriors fell from height: while they won the first eight games, they only supported a comparison with Bucks in the first half of the game.

It is not possible to control Giannis Antetokounmpo (24 points in 9 rebounds in 26 minutes) in the absence of Draymond Greena, who failed in three points (35.7%), Steve Kerr players drank during the third catastrophic period where they recognized 41 points.

To make things worse, Stephen Curry had a bad day (10 points, 0 out of 4 points), and had to join the dresser during the third period due to the left opposite injuries.

While his team dominated in leaps (46 to 38), he led 26 points (105-79) early in the last quarter, Kerr gave up hope of winning and left his fellow citizens on the bench.

"In the beginning we made too many mistakes, we lacked the concentration," said Warriors coach.

7. Wins OK for OKC

"It may be good to sometimes slap this, reminding how difficult it is to win the NBA game," he said.

Kerr, on the other hand, did not provide information on the severity of the injury to Curry, who had been injured in knee and ankle over the past three seasons. "The exams will be on Friday, we'll know more at that time," he said.

Pushing the dust into the Golden State, Milwaukee has consolidated the second place in the Eastern Conference with nine wins in eleven matches. "We sent a strong message, we have to rely on us," insisted Antetokounmpo.

He will also count on Oklahoma City: having lost the first four games this season, Thunder achieves flawless.

The last victim, Houston, who was rebuffed 98-80, while OOK was privately owned for the second match in the ranks of best shooter Russell Westbrook, touched his ankle.

Paul George (20 points) and Steven Adams (19 points) brought his team to the seventh victory in a row, which is synonymous with the fourth place at the West Conference.

Houston is nothing more than the shadow of a team that dominated the regular season 2017-18, before dropping off at the Golden State Conference (4-3).

James Harden, MVP (best player), was limited to 19 points in 38 minutes (7 out of 19 shooting) and Chris Paul was not much more skilled with 10 units (4 out of 11 shots).

39 points for Irving

To return to Oklahoma City where he spent last season without a win, Carmelo Anthony had a night-time night, eleven in eleven, and left for sixth.

Rocket Mike Trainer Antoni is beginning to be upset: "We need to find answers, I do not know why we're playing like that," he said.

Boston was hot in Phoenix: Celtics grew 22 points, pulling off an extra time during the last second on the award-winning hit Marcus Morris and eventually winning 116 to 109.

Kyrie Irving finished with 39 points, including 18 in the last quarter and overtime.

Devin Booker has won 38 points, this season's record, but he could not stop Phoenix from recognizing his ninth loss in the last ten trips.

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