Saturday , June 19 2021

negotiations between Ekolo and PS

Over Green and PS in Seraing. Ecolo announces that negotiations to form a communal majority have been broken. Green people no longer talk to socialists. And they are afraid that they were too concerned.

"It's not true" sworn seros ecologists "we asked too much", Seraian's ecologists wanted two aldermens. Of the nine people at the college, they were not overly concerned. It was necessary to explain how they could apply their political program: "isolated alderman at College did not create a balance within the future team needed to implement the evolutionary program for our city".

Ecolo joins PTB in the communist opposition to Seraing.

Green are sorry for PS "prefer continuity despite the voter's signal"As a reminder, Alain Mathot was no longer a candidate last October for the Intradel case. Seraing's PS lost four seats in the election. But he holds a very small absolute majority of 20 out of 39 counselors who allow him to stay in control.

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