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New controversy over data collection, Apple becomes angry

Facebook on Wednesday confirmed that it paid to users, including teenagers, to break their habits on their smartphone, while ensuring they did so in full transparency, a revelation that revived Apple's wrath.

The Social Network responded to information from the TechCrunch Web site in the US that it is virtually impossible for volunteers – at the age of 13 to 35, who paid $ 20 a month – to know exactly what they are exhibiting. by consent to participation. Facebook does not deny the existence of this fee-charging program, but insists that the users who agreed to participate do so with a lot of knowledge of the facts. "Less than 5% of people who agreed to participate in this market research program were teenagers," the group said, recalling that the program was explicitly called "Facebook Research App". "Everyone had a written consent of their parents," the social network spokesman said in a brief statement. Apple has reacted strongly to this information, saying that Facebook has "clearly violated" its research application applications, which are expected to remain within the company. Apple's brand has blocked the Facebook employee's ability to test "apps" on his iPhones by canceling an electronic certificate of authorization. Apple also announced that it has suspended the "app" on its mobile devices. However, according to the Business Insider Business Insider website, it also blocks iPhone's other applications, which are used daily by Facebook employees and allow them to communicate with each other or reserve their seats in the shuttle. companies. "We designed the Developer + Enterprise + program by distributing applications internally to organizations." their contract with Apple, "the group wrote in an AFP email. (Belga)

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