Monday , March 1 2021

New forms of burial will soon be enabled …

New forms of burial will soon be allowed

Authorized humusation in Brussels.

Oh yes

The Brussels Parliament unanimously unanimously issued a green light on Friday to relax the rules on funeral and burglary schemes in order to allow in the long run new ways of humus and action and bury the deadly remains in cardboard covers or coffins. PTB and Vlaams Belang abstained.

Among other novelties of the selected device, we see enlargement to all cemeteries of the presence of multi-storey parcels and the desire to give each of them a room dedicated to the maintenance of neutral funeral ceremonies.

Humusation is a controlled process of transforming the body's microorganisms into a compost consisting of chopped cutter, which in 12 months transforms deadly residues into healthy and fertile humus.

Aquamation consists of immersing the deceased body in hot water (93 ° C), agitated and containing agitators that facilitate the dissolution of meat, for a few hours (from three to four hours).

The rule issued on Friday provides municipalities with greater autonomy for creating burial cineraries devoted exclusively to burial methods related to cremation of the body and preservation and scattering of ashes. In the future, they can separate areas that are not cemeteries, such as public lands, where ashes of cremated bodies can scatter, preserve, or bury.

In addition, municipalities will have to make an inventory of the burden of local historical importance on a list whose criteria still need to be resolved by the Brussels government.

"This decision, which is subject to a broad consensus within the assembly, is a few points innovation to meet the legitimate expectations of the Brussels population. It moves from burial to incineration, to new ways of funeral and growing interest in burial in places close to nature from traditional cemeteries, "Minister Rudi Vervoort said on Friday when he discussed the draft.

Mr. Vervoort (PS) also pointed out that he had written to competent Flemish and Light Ministries to propose inter-regional co-operation on all technical and legal issues surrounding the new processes that open the door.

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