Sunday , May 16 2021

No, sugar does not bother you!

Satisfaction with sugar absorption is just a myth. This also shows a study published in the journal Neuroscience & Behavioral Review, for which the researchers investigated all available sugar consumption data. They concluded that not only sugar does not improve the mood but can make it sad!

The meta-analysis investigated 31 different studies that represented more than 1,250 participants who studied the effects of soluble carbohydrates on various aspects of mood including wakefulness, anger, depression and fatigue.

Half an hour after eating sugar, participants began to feel tired more than those taking placebo. And an hour later, this is the cautiousness of the home.

"No increase in satisfaction or well-being"

"It seems that all neurological stimuli stimulated by sugar in the reward system of our brain have a very short life span and do not lead to a significant increase in satisfaction or a sense of well-being," the authors say. However, this analysis reminds us of the effects of sugar on obesity and diabetes.

"Growth in obesity and diabetes issues highlights the need for evidence-based nutritional strategies to promote healthy lifestyles, and our findings show that very sweet foods do not allow us to feel more cautious," adds Dr. Sandra Süram-Le, co-author of this research that wants to work with their team is useful in "informing public health policies to reduce sugar consumption."

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