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One unscrupulous accountant has kidnapped 350,000 euros

Different facts

He redeemed 350,000 euros at the expense of Catholic guides in Belgium (GCB) and groups of homes for elderly people Orpe.

The Criminal Tribunal in Brussels on Wednesday sentenced 38-month jail sentence of about 350,000 euros to the detriment of the Catholic Catholics of Belgium (BCG) and the Maisons de Orpe's holiday group. The court ruled that the Accused for Counterfeiting, Counterfeiting, Embezzlement, Fraud and Conflict Confidence have been identified by the Accused, a 30-year-old accountant who has been admitted.

Moreover, he rejected the defense argument, which, as the main argument, sought the prosecution's inadmissibility because of the bank secrecy being violated during the investigation.

The judge took the matter into considerationthe amount of embezzled amount " and "the persistence of the accused in delinquency". She stressed the need to impose a sentence that she could "to deter the accused of any repetition"Who "He was not in his first attempt."

Thus, he imposed a 38-month sentence and a suspended sentence of 6,000 euros.

The defendant, who is now a fiduciary accountant and also a lecturer at Ifapme, was convicted for having redirected the total amount of around € 120,000 between 2013 and 2014 at the expense of the Orpea Nursing Care Group. These were the amounts that were to be paid to the beneficiaries of the elderly elderly in the seniority of this group.

It is also burdened that in the period from 2012 to 2014, the total amount of money of about 230,000 euros was devastated to the detriment of Catholic guides from Belgium ABSL through the fraudulent reports of cost and credit notes "flowing". There were 196 irregular notes.

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