Saturday , June 19 2021

Overflow of Yellow Jackets in Feluy: "The Provincial Phase Launched in Hainaut," Jan Jambon

Pwhat will be the "new word of the year" 2018? Last year, that was "False News" that won the reader's voice evening, Which one will succeed?

There is no change for this fourth harvest of the operation he leads Le Soir and UCL. The formula remains the same. And the goal is also: always relying on the proposals of the general public to come up with a word or phrase that is broadly expanded in 2018 and which has not yet been found in the world. the latest edition of common French dictionaries such as Mali Robert or Larousse.

In a concrete sense, the first phase was launched this Wednesday. This is the gathering of readers' suggestions evening through our web site. This is important: the word or phrase you are sending must be accompanied by a (short) definition. It is possible to submit proposals for neologisms by November 30th.

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