Saturday , February 27 2021

Prize Goncourt crown Nicolas Mathieu, chronicler of "tense zones"

The author was rewarded for his second novel in the Lorraine valley, where his teenage heroes are dreaming about "going out".

The Goncourt 2018 winner, Nicolas Mathieu, at the Drouant restaurant in Paris on November 7th.

After Goncourt 2015 Mathias Enard for compass and 2017 due to Eric Vuillard for Daily agendait seemed incredible that the academy would reward such a fast another title published by the Actes Court, the house of former Culture Minister Françoise Nyssen.

We have to be grateful to the jury because we ignored these extraordinary considerations, Wednesday, November 7, to distinguish Their children after them, another novelist Nicolas Mathieu, 40 years old. It is true that seldom fiction has caused such a critical unity and caused so much craving by its readers.

This beautiful chronicle breaks down in four summers, from 1992 to 1998, which grow, flourish and tear the teens in the heart of the Lorraine Valley, where the high caves are silent. The emeritus stylist Nicolas Mathieu is here adapted to describe stagnation. Or a version of the inability to escape in the post-industrial world that has allowed so many black novel frames.

Train a novel of disappointment

It is also polyphonic polar, "Romani crisis", says Nicolas Mathieu entered literature in 2014. Starting from the closure of the ThyssenKrupp factory, in 2009, in Pas-de-Calais, For animals, war (South Acts, "Black Acts," the Mystery Prize Award for Criticism 2014) presented themselves as the workplace's requiem. His adaptation in television series will be broadcast on France 3 on November 15th.

For animals, war is sociopolitical diving among the "forgotten" globalization of those who end up on the national front because they believe all their accidents, including their sense of degradation, "This is the fault of the Arabs". "We would go to the poor F2, going out in the outback …

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