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Rafael Nadal does not have to break away from his 2 seeds at Wimbledon

The Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal, has a bad day at Wimbledon where the grass does not have to be greener than anywhere else … Spaniard is not in his element here, even if he won the tournament twice (2008 and 2010) , you must not forget it! But most of all, he still does not do it because he had to give his second seed to Roger Federer, according to local regulations.

from Yves Simon, special correspondent at Wimbledon

Cis because Wimbledon takes two years' notice on a certain grass surface to determine the order of his own, that it is the only tournament that does not strictly follow the ATP order to establish his hierarchy. So Nadal, world number 2, had to give his second seed to Roger Federer for this release. Which, of course, changes everything! The Spaniard could cause his Swiss "friend" in the semi-finals, not just in the final, as is the case with Đoković, holder number 1.

" The season is not just grass Commented on Saturday Nadal deeper than ever in his drop. " I respect Wimbledon and his rules, but personally I do not consider it right. And I'm not just talking about it, but I'm thinking of players such as Sascha Zverev or Dominic Thiem. Wimbledon gets 2000 ATP points (note: for winner, 1200 for finalists, etc.) Like all other Grand Slam tournaments, but he is the only one who applies pure regulation. This obviously has an influence on the tournament itself, but also on all season charts. We are ATP players, I think we should say your opinion about the application or not this provision … I admit I did not understand but I came to play tennis … "

And just this is another "digestion" imposed on the king of clay. They succeeded in winning Roland Garros and Wimbledon after Bjorn Borg managed three times, but Nadal is also in 2008 and 2010! But nine years later, the transition is even harder. What's more, during the two preparatory matches he played this week, at the Hurlingham show, 20 minutes from Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal won Marin Čilić and Lucas Pouille …

" Changes are drastic, but every day I feel better, and I still have this Sunday and Monday before I'm facing Sugit (note: Japanese Qualifier, 258th World). "

Nadal has every interest in quickly locating traces on the grass, as in the second round, Nick Kyrgios could find his way, an Australian he did not like playing. He does not like it at all … "Nick?" I do not know him, honestly … But come back to talk to me when we have to fight. My first opponent is Sugita! "

When Nadal is green … with anger.

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