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Researchers would find a miracle cure for cancer

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Will cancer dying soon be history? Israeli researchers say they have discovered a cure for cancer without any side effects.

According to the latest data from the WHO, one in five men and one in six women in the world will ever have cancer, while every eighth male and one eleven women die. According to estimates, nearly 10 million people died of cancer in 2018. But the discovery of Israeli scientists could help greatly reduce this mortality in the near future.

The trace of hope

On Monday, January 28, the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post reported that a small team of scientists thought they found the first comprehensive cancer drug. "We believe that within a year we will offer a comprehensive cure for cancer," said Dan Aridor of Accelerated Evolutionary Biotechnology Ltd. (AEBi), who made this discovery.

No side effects

"Our cancer treatment will take several weeks and will be in effect from the first day. It will not have any side effects or minimal side effects, and will be much cheaper than most other treatment on the market," the Israeli researcher said adding this solution and "generic and personalized",

Indeed, The Jerusalem Post explains that this MuTaTo treatment can be personalized. Each patient will be able to send their biopsy to the laboratory to analyze which receptors are over-expressed. The patient would then receive a customized and personalized cocktail molecule to cure his illness.

Soon, clinical trials

Dr. Ilan Morad, director of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd., said that after several in vitro tests his company completed the first experiment on mice. Treatment has been able to inhibit the growth of human cancer cells without having the effect on a healthy mice cell. The laboratory will soon begin a series of clinical trials that could be completed for several years, and this would make treatment available in certain cases.

Declarations made

Israeli investigators' statements have been criticized by some cancer experts. US expert Dr. Ben Neel said that "this statement was more than likely a part of a long line of false promises, irresponsible and extremely cruel to cancer patients." Dr. Ilan Morad argued on Tuesday in the Times of Israel newspaper, saying he did not publish his research in medical journals, as this was because he did not have the funds but the results of his preclinical trials were "very good".

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