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Roger Federer wins in the first round against Denis Istomin (6-3, 6-4, 6-4) – Australian Open 2019 – tennis

The beginning of a two-week silence for the double title holder. Roger Federer needed only three sets (6-3, 6-4, 6-4) and less than two hours at Rod Laver Arena on Monday to rid Denis Istomin in the first round. Uzbekistan, who fell two years ago in New Djokovic in Melbourne, failed to connect another sixth winner of the tournament to his resume. And he did a lot, even though Istom made his match and did not deserve it. But, between gently tapping Federer and real threats, there is a margin.

Impeccable in service despite the percentage of the first few balls that were weaker (56%), Federer did not admit one point of interruption of the whole game. The Swiss was happy with the break in each set, early enough to move away with confidence and sign a surgical victory. Only a bad side, a bit of waste that is sometimes exchanged, but the ratio still meets with 52 winners for 30 mistakes. Not far from being the ideal first match on the trip to the triple he never signed in Melbourne, although we saw a lot of talk.

Focus on 100 wins in Melbourne?

Otherwise, a man with twenty titles of the Grand Slam has been distracted by a few fists that have a secret, such as passing the end of the race and holes at the very beginning of the second set. Appearing very lively and lively on the legs during the Hopman Cup, Roger Federer confirms that at the beginning of the year 100% physically, this time in the context of real competition, not at the show. This will be confirmed in the next round against Dan Evans, the winner of three sets of Japanese Ita.

Now unbeaten for fifteen matches in Australia (his last defeat goes down to the 2016 semi-finals against Djokovic), Federer has achieved 95th success in the first Grand Slam of the year. He put his best on Wimbledon. If all is well for him, Basel will play for 100th victory in the Australian Major in the semifinals. Potentially against a certain Rafael Nadal. We have not come yet, far from it, but the perspective is no less tempting.

Video – At the end of the race, Federer was confused by Istog by a magical passage


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